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-add 1/2 cup of white pva glue (add a little baking soda if using activator without borax)
-add same amount of shaving foam
-add 2-3 pumps of foaming hand soap
-add paint/food colouring (optional)
-mix thoroughly
-add activator and mix
-add foam beads and pieces while slime is still sticky
-add activator and mix until it clumps
-use hands to knead when it clumps until it forms but keep it a little sticky so the foam beads will stick
-enjoy your slime!


With borax
-add 1tsp of borax into 1cup of hot water and mix until borax dissolves

Without borax
-add a little baking soda into glue while making the slime
-add contact lens solution and use it like the activator